“.. there is a growing practice by unscrupulous residential tenants to manipulate the law improperly, and often dishonestly, to enable them to remain in their rented premises for long periods of time without having to pay rent to their landlords. It is a practice that imposes an unfair hardship on landlords and reflects badly on the civil justice system in Ontario. It calls for the government, the Landlord and Tenant Board and this court to respond.”

                    Justice Ted Matlow, Ontario Superior Court


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Justice Matlow’s quote as profound as it is, captures only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the many injustices landlords face in Ontario. The hardest hit are small landlords - every day working people - who make up the majority of our members.


Are you a residential landlord owning property in the Quinte Region which includes Belleville, Trenton, Prince Edward County, Brighton, Stirling, Tweed, Deseronto, Tyendinaga, and Napanee?  (Note: Now accepting members from anywhere in Ontario)

Are you fed up of fraudulent tenants not paying rent or damaging your units?

Have you fallen victim to the Landlord & Tenant Board’s broken eviction process?

Did your municipality charge you for your tenant’s delinquent utility bills?

Are you tired of exorbitant property taxes and water bills targeting landlords?

Were you fined thousands of dollars by the Human Rights Tribunal for exercising your freedom of speech?

Have you been unable to collect on rent arrears or damages rightfully owed to you?

Maybe none of this has happened to you and you’ve been lucky - so far.

If you want to avoid some of these common pitfalls, and be a more successful landlord we invite you to join us. Connect with other local landlords who oppose these injustices and look out for one another by sharing tips, best practices, and get the latest information on laws and regulations. As a member of the Quinte Region Landlords Association you will receive the following benefits:


  • Monthly seminars: get educated by various experts on landlord-related topics.

  • Monthly networking events: learn the secrets of success as well as essential survival strategies from experienced landlords. Our members love to share and help! 

  • Email newsletter: stay informed on the latest rental laws, Landlord & Tenant Board changes, fire code, human rights, and much more.

  • Fraud alerts: receive warnings of known fraudster tenants so you can avoid being their next victim.

  • Generous cash rebates: by switching to our preferred water heater rental provider.

  • Insurance savings: some of our members have saved THOUSANDS in reduced insurance costs through our expert advisors.

  • Access to trusted experts: receive VIP treatment from our growing roster of experts and service providers including lawyers, paralegals, tradespeople, realtors.

  • Get answers: pose your questions and dilemmas to other Quinte landlords in person and by  email.

  • Fight for change: Help grow a strong voice for Quinte landlords at the local and provincial levels.


Staying educated and informed is your best line of defence. The more landlords who join us, the stronger we will be and more benefits we can offer. If you believe landlords should stick together and look out for one another, now is the time to join us.


Membership is open to landlords, property managers, superintendents, as well as professionals and vendors who supply services to the landlord community. Attending the monthly events are optional and you will not be expected to volunteer or serve on any committees.

Want more information on becoming a member, our seminars, or any other topic? Would you like to be added to our email list for regular updates?

CALL: 613-707-3879 - leave a detailed message and include your email.

EMAIL: for a faster reply, use the form below. Please include your phone number and tell us a little about yourself. ie: are you a landlord or service provider? In what cities are your rental units located? What are your biggest challenges? How can the association best help you?

NOTE: if you're having trouble with the Contact Us form or don't receive an answer within 72 hours it means we didn't receive your email. In such instances, please leave a voicemail. 

We Believe:


Most tenants are good people.


Landlords should treat their tenants well and look after their housing needs.


Tenants deserve a well maintained, clean, and safe place to call home.


Landlords provide an essential service to the community - housing.


With the proper safeguards in place, landlords can be part of the solution in tackling poverty, homelessness and affordable housing.


Non-payment of rent and apartment damage is no different than theft and vandalism. Perpetrators should be held accountable by the law. 


The law should hold ALL individuals to account for their conduct no matter what their source of income is.

All we ask is three things:


1. Pay the rent on time.

2. Don’t wreck the place.

3. Don’t disturb others.

What our Members Say

"I saved over $2000 on my insurance by becoming a member!"

Jordy M.

"The information I've learned has saved me from making mistakes that would have cost me thousands."

Todd T.

"The value of what I learned in just one newsletter paid for my membership for the next TEN years."

Sharleen F.

"Despite my years of experience, I always learn new things by being a member. I gladly drive the three hours from Toronto so not to miss the excellent events held each month."

Ken S. 

"I was being taken to the tribunal by a con-artist tenant. Having no idea what to do, I joined the QRLA online. Within hours of posting my dilemma, and before meeting ANY of them, numerous members emailed me valuable suggestions and advice. Some even showed up at the hearing to support me! This group is amazing. Any landlord who wants to be successful should join."

Jennifer H.

"Small landlords keep getting the shaft because they don't band together and stand up for themselves. Other essential service providers  like nurses, teachers, and civil servants don't put up with this kind of injustice and neither should we." 

Robert G.







Ontario Landlords Deserve Better

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